Friday, May 9, 2008

NGOs not profit makers

NGOs not to profit making organizations are doing yeoman service of helping poor and the needy all over the World. As the growth of Information Technology 8v IT enabled services have revolutionized the development of nations, its impact on catalyzing and influencing the process of development by the NGOs can also be seen.
In the area of globalization and liberalization, it is an open world, with open competitions in the global village, where in the NGOs are required to reorient their approaches, and convert their organizations as Professional Organizations.
One of. the very important ways of achieving the goal of converting NGOs as professional organizations is through the process of making the NGOs as "Knowledge Based Professional Organizations". Need less to say the functionaries of the NGOs in the "knowledge based professional organizations" are required to be moulded as knowledge workers, and acquiring knowledge being regular, continuous and endless the organizations are required to be learning organizations and live and organic organizations on the path of sustainable development.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Ozon Day was celebrated at village Basarke Gillan Distt Taran Taran on dated 17/9/2007. in this occasion 50 plants was planted in the village Mr Ranjit Singh of SAWEA gave lacture on bad effect of Choloflro Carbon (CFC) Gases and effect on depletion of Ozon Layer Mr Rajinder Singh of SAWERA , Savita Rani was also present there.